Ausma's Vision - A Downtown For Everyone

Ausma's Vision - A Downtown For Everyone


Ausma’s vision is to build a city for everyone. As the City Councillor for Ward 20, she will bring a new voice to Council that truly reflects our diverse, progressive and growing city.

She is focused on ensuring development serves neighbourhoods, and on creating a downtown that is safe, people-centred, and sustainable. She will:


Build complete communities, and a more affordable and sustainable downtown

  • Ensure development works for our communities, not just developers
  • Expand community services and facilities for everyone, including seniors, young people and families
  • Build a new library and new parks downtown


Build affordable housing and tackle inequality

  • Invest in services and supports for everyone in our community to thrive
  • Advocate for available and affordable childcare


Create safe streets for people, and fight for better, more affordable transit

  • Build safe streets for pedestrians, cyclists, and everyone in our neighbourhoods
  • Create a walkable and accessible downtown
  • Invest in bike lanes


Support vibrant local neighbourhoods

  • Support local business
  • Keep arts and culture in our communities
  • Protect our waterfront from Island Airport expansion, and fight for our community’s vision for our waterfront neighbourhood


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