Together we are stronger and more determined

Together we are stronger and more determined

September 19, 2018


Today, the Ontario Court of Appeal granted the government's request for a stay on last week’s court decision. This means that while the appeal is still being considered, Bill 5 is in effect, and the City of Toronto will be forced to implement Doug Ford’s undemocratic 25-seat City Council plan. While there are still questions about legal challenges, the specific processes and timing, this is how the election is moving forward.


Through many weeks of Doug Ford’s chaos, uncertainty and continued threats to our rights and democracy, people across our city, like you, have been awe-inspiring and relentless in moving forward progressive campaigns and resisting his interference in Toronto’s election. To everyone who has given everything they had in this fight -- thank you. We are all uplifted, and better, for our collective efforts.


As I shared last week, Doug Ford’s undemocratic imposition of a 25-ward race means I will no longer be running for office this October. 22 wards, including mine, have been eliminated in our election as part of Doug Ford’s ongoing strikes against our city.


As difficult and heartbreaking as this outcome is, in the face of a bully who is recklessly attacking all that we hold dear, we will continue to hold our ground, we will not be pulled back, we keep moving forwardand come through even stronger, and more determined.


The movement for a progressive and representative Toronto City Council has only become larger in the face of Ford, and will keep growing. Doug Ford is blocking me and others from running for City Council but he cannot stop our movement. We won’t let his use of the legislature or the courts rob us of our power and our voices.


With just over 30 days left, I will be campaigning alongside progressive candidates and their teams until polls close on election day. I invite you to join me.


My name will not be on a ballot this election cycle. However, my commitment and vision for our city is shared by outstanding progressive candidates in the remaining 25-wards—and on the school board—and I will put everything I can behind them to win.


Our fight is not over. Every vote counts—and every voter counts. You can count on me to be there until we finish what we set out to do: to build the inclusive city all Torontonians deserve.


Together, it’s possible.


Sign up on my website as I will invite others to join me in getting involved with campaigns for progressive candidates -- and continuing our mission to elect amazing representatives to Toronto City Council and to the Toronto District School Board.

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