I'm With Ausma - Norman Di Pasquale, NoJetsTO Chair and TCDSB Candidate (TCDSB Ward 9)

"Our Waterfront is home to vibrant and diverse communities, and is a destination for thousands of people each and every year. Ausma is a dedicated and progressive leader in our community and our city. She has the vision, commitment and tenacity we need representing our Waterfront at City Hall."


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I'm With Ausma - Joe Cressy

“Ausma Malik is experienced and kind, principled and strong. I can’t imagine a better person to represent my diverse home community. I’m proud to endorse Ausma Malik to replace me as the City Councillor for Ward 20.”



I'm With Ausma - Heather Johnson, past Chair of Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Association

“Ausma has been involved in our Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood for years. I know she will champion investing in our community, like her tireless work to improve the Waterfront School playground. We need Ausma Malik as our new Councillor for Ward 20.”


I'm With Ausma - Barbara Hall, former Mayor of Toronto



I'm With Ausma - Valerie Eggertson, Garment District resident

“We have to make sure development works for our communities. Ausma is a champion for services for everyone. I know Ausma will work with us to manage growth and change in our neighbourhood, and ensure we invest in the services we need.”

We're With Ausma - Toronto and York Region Labour Council

"For her courageous leadership on equity and quality education, we are excited to endorse Ausma Malik in Ward 20". 



I'm With Ausma - William Molls, Chair of Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Association

“Ausma is exactly the strong and principled voice we need at City Hall. She's been a champion for the Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Plan to revitalize our community from the very beginning. I know she will work tirelessly to protect our community's vision at City Hall.”



I'm With Ausma - Mike Layton

“Ausma has spent her life working on issues that matter - we’ve worked together to save childcare spaces, support communities, protect greenspace, and so much more. She is committed, experienced, creative, and strong. We need Ausma at City Hall to help us build our city.”



I'm With Ausma - Zahra Ebrahim, activist and city-builder

“Ausma Malik has the vision to build communities, neighbourhoods, and cities in a way that works for everyone. With her leadership, we will build a place that meet the needs of a broad range of Torontonians, that truly represents our growing and diverse city. We need Ausma Malik’s voice at City Hall to build that voice for the future.”



I'm With Ausma - Amy Leaman, Entertainment District resident

“My husband and I recently moved to a building on King Street, and we use transit every single day. Our neighbourhood needs a champion who will work for more and better transit, but also transit that is more affordable. Ausma Malik is that champion.”


I'm With Ausma - Melissa Wong, CityPlace resident

"I love living in CityPlace with my partner and two kids and I know the importance of having leaders that want to build our downtown for families. Ausma lead the planning for the new Jean Lumb School, and the coordination with our new childcare and community centre. I’ve worked with Ausma and I know she is the right choice to be the voice for our community at City Hall."


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